Nikole writes: For the past year, viewers clicking the page linking to Wilek Markiewicz's art have been greeted with a terrifying red warning that the page is likely to infect their computer. We've consulted, cleaned, checked, followed every bit of professional advice available. McAfee has looked through every page, written tickets, and the best advice we have is "Maybe the page is located near an infected page on the server." We will continue to follow up on this but until further notice the art page won't be available. Meanwhile -- here are three paintings from recent exhibits.

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It's enough to traverse the bridge -- and the adventure starts (Georges Brassens)

Brassens’ song fits the relations Geneva – Carouge. A short bridge and the narrow thunderous river Rhone separate two different universes. Carouge was founded by a Sardinian king who hoped to challenge the power of Geneva. The dream was not realised and today, tiny Carouge is a charming reminder of the Mediterranean in cool, orderly Switzerland.

Wilek traversed the bridge …

The Simple Charm of Carouge

Mauve House oil pastel on paper
Size: 7 3/8 x 7... inches -- when unframed

Toronto – rows of houses, private faces to the street. You almost forget to notice the streetscape – oh – a glance – a backyard gate – what is it about a backyard gate, a bushy tree between houses, sun and shadows on peaked red roofs over there? Intimate yet unknown. Small gems seen on a walk . . . nj

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Red Brick Storefront oil pastel on paper
Size: 5 x 6.5 inches -- when unframed

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Wilek: “I am led by shapes, colours, dreams”

Objects forgotten on a studio shelf … one day, one glance – inspiration. Inanimate objects may contain stories. The spirit seeks meaning …

Shapes, Colours, Dreams

Secret Under the Roof oil & oil pastel on paper
Size: 15 x 18 inches -- when unframed

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