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Re: Neanderthal ("Experts", August 97 issue)

Thank you for the article in Vagabond. I appreciate any information that I can use to better inform my students. I use the word extinct every lightly. Reality has it that Neanderthals were wiped out and in fact overrun by Homo Sapiens. Was this due to defects? Or perhaps this was the culture that nurtured the old, buried the dead and took care of the deformed and ill. I wonder how much of this compassion hurt them?

In teaching 10 and 11 year olds who are on very shaky ground about evolution, we discuss the fact that one must survive so that the there may live. In your Vagabond article I copied a quote "Each human comes to the world as ruler who has to fight with other rulers." Maybe Neanderthals were not warriors but merely peaceful hunter-gatherers that failed.

Thanks again
Charlene Stone

I doubt that the Neanderthal intoxicated himself with an excess of compassion which would be a sophisticated evolutionary trend, (see 'Competition' Vagabond issue #9) The most logical assumption is that Homo Sapiens wiped out the Neanderthal along with other vulnerable species. If they had found some natural haven like those vulnerable primitive mammals in Australia, we would be able to admire the Neanderthal today. I also discuss the Neanderthal in the article: 'Evolution -- Groups or Individuals?' issue #13. WM

This is one of MANY theories on what happened top the Neanderthals. The debate is still on, unfortunately.


In my view debate can hardly be 'unfortunate.' WM

Re: New World Order ("Experts", August 97 issue)

The NWO is quite simply the free market. Or should I say the free global market. The interest of money is no less insidious and displaces God, Allah, Budda and all the rest of that bunch. It erases borders, people and environments. For keywords look to: Foreign Policy, Free Trade, Embargo, Communism etc...etc... For the consequences search for: Rain Forest, East Timor, Nigeria (Shell), South Central...etc...etc....

The other William

Re: Pondering Evolution (April 96 issue)

I am currently working on Project Longevity.

My website is under construction. A sane creative (i.e.:mature) human can become immortal by integrating his sensorial(physical-body), mnémonic(emotional-soul) and logical(mental-spiritual)energy fields. I have found the knowledge. Now I seek the tools. Strangely, people seem more afraid of immortality than death, I wonder if it is because we live in a period of transition between the industrial and the synergytic civilisation? Well, creative imagery (vizualization) is the key. A living cell is immortal, the message of death, auto- destruction commes from the environment(ecological-evolution). We have to consciously image each of our cells regenerating bypassing the message of ADN-ARN for suicide. Then ourselves we do not kill or destroy any being and feed our body, soul and mind according to human needs, not programmed ethnic behavior. It seemed so easy in theory. Ah, try to find a sustainable natural-human habitat, on this planet! Still some of us will try to creatively experiment an ecological niche for sentient humans for as long as we can. Lets kill death...

France de Vendelf

Re: Quebec (October 95 issue)

I've just read parts of your latest Vagabond Issue (Aug. 1997). Once again, a wonderful collection of thought-provoking articles and drawings.

I'm from Québec. I am a Québécois, as well as a Canadian; I remember reading your issue during the 1995 Québec Referendum. It was, for me, very important reading, as it made me aware that wisdom knows no boundaries, and that we are much more alike than we are different. Thank you once again for sharing with us your thoughts and your vision.

Louis Rondeau - Traduction/Rédaction Louis Rondeau
76, chemin Valiquette Road, Gatineau (Québec) J8R 3L8
(819) 669-6748 - E-mail:

Merci Louis. WM

Re: "Extracts"

There are some fine aphorisms in the book you are working on.

Stirling S Newberry

Re: Vagabond

Hi WM! Your analysis of current scientific opinion resonates for me. Cromagnon existed for 300 000 years and the experts still don't know where he went...Now they find out atomic energy is a big mistake but, have no second thoughts to spend 8 billion dollars to "correct" it!

I enjoyed your poetic view into the mirror and have to muse that people gaze at the most important image in the world to them when they look at their reflection.

As I've recently been interested in the surrealist movement, I would like for you to exemplify the positive of knowlege without pathway as well.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sam and Heather. August 17, 1997. Toronto.
From: Threshold Cyber Cafe Guest

Re: Poems

I offer these poems for publication in your wonderful publication. I'm from Toronto, Canada now living in Israel. I'm to be published in three Canadian periodicals and one British one- New Hope International. Thanks for your time and effort. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yossi Skorecki

The Galilee

Warm sunlight glazes ranges revealing each green head,
of the Galilean hills, as they rise and spread.

By the feet of these hills, dipped down to the ground,
upon Galilean sea, mirrored landscapes are found.

Crisp clean breezes sweep such green scenery,
brushing against luscious leaves of countless canopies,
Atop towering trees, throughout the gloriously growing Galilee.

Re: Linked to Vagabond

Your site has been added to Jayde Online.

Mel Strocen
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