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"Run, Hide, and Fight!"

"Run, Hide, and Fight"

I just read that some schools in the US are teaching the children how to avoid shooters! Should they run? Should they throw things? That prompted me to send this letter:

Oh my g*d. I remember kindergarten like it was yesterday. The little tables and chairs, just my size. I was thrilled. The blocks I always wanted to play with but the boys got to them first. I had to play in the little kitchen. And then we had a band. The teacher played the piano. One day i got to play the TRIANGLE! I really liked it -- it had a little metal rod to tap with and made a musical dinging sound. Oh yes, and I learned "London Bridge is Falling down" I wasn't sure what it was all about but I just did what the teacher said -- duck down and go under the other kids' arms -- they are making a BRIDGE. Nap time was wonderful -- the teacher got these mats out, one for each of us and she turned off the lights and we would lie down. Sometimes she read us a story while we napped.

Aww -- I missed the part where they taught kids how to escape being murdered in SCHOOL!!!!!!


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