By William Markiewicz

In the conflict between various factions of allies and enemies who are often chaotically inter-connected, donít try to find who is the most convenient ally for you. If you join the pack, you become one of them. The best thing would be to show that you can live without them no matter how difficult it may be for you, and no matter how it may profit your enemies. Leave them with their chaotic dances.And in order not to be accused of isolating yourself as if escaping to another planet, put your human side on display; Say to your enemies and, perhaps, friends: ďFend for yourselves. The only thing I want from you is something human: Let those who donít want you, leave. Donít try to kill them, to force them, to convince them, just let them go and let us take care of them as refugees. For the rest, victory or defeat remains your business. In this way you save face, you help the innocent and you keep due respect from others, friends and enemies. If you really do what you say, you will win their trust. You will save countless victims; just warn your citizens and friends to stay away from those aggressive hornets. Avoid them, no matter how interesting your reportage can be, they must cease to exist for us. This shows how we save ourselves and let them destroy themselves at will.

I understand Obama's hesitation; if we know how to destroy masses, guilty or innocent, we know less how to protect ourselves from the fanatical death-obsessed. "Splendid Isolation" from them will be the right answer.

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