By William Markiewicz

Siberia, ecological and economic treasure, is vulnerable in modern war; this immense territory is good for strategic maneuvers, but is not a quick acting and reacting fortress like sci-fi Star Trekís Borg spaceship. The US is probably the most "Borgian" among nations, ready for attack - defence, while Russia, like other countries, has regions of military importance which once destroyed would leave the rest in trouble.

Gorbachev spontaneously gave freedom to countries huge in number and area, proving that Russia is not predatorial, while the true predators launch hungry eyes on Siberia. Nato considers Russia as weaker; the most aggressive try to present Russia as a menace for Europe to cover their own appetites. Letís not forget that WW2 was "only" 60 years ago and the flames remain potentially active. Now the alliances are reversed and all the West remains united, not against Communism, which no longer exists, but against the "East" with Siberia in mind. If the "West" triumphs, the fate of the East Ukrainians is at stake. Countless refugees will leave their ancestral lands, fleeing those victorious West Ukrainian - Nato troops, while the world will look elsewhere. According to the Darwinian universe, the ultimately stronger is always right. When and how bloody will be World War Three?

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