Anti-Semitism ...

By William Markiewicz

In Toronto, the accusers and deniers of anti-Semitism confront each other. For me, this word should disappear from dictionaries because the notion is artificial from the beginning. I will try to explain why.

We live in a Darwinian universe where the stronger exploits the weaker for various reasons; the predators take their prey which is considered to be natural.

Politicians and ideologues follow the same pathway, but being human, they use sophisticated moral and philosophical arguments to achieve their aims.The gist of the matter remains the same: the stronger attacks and mostly wins. Example: somebody rich but without the means to defend his wealth is like a fat goose without protection. The moral? Be physically strong, and then rich. Stalin asked, “How many divisions has the Pope?” With his political mind he understood that self-defence concerns masses, not individuals.

When you are rich and strong you engender respect, when you are rich but not strong you provoke jealousy and you pay with your life sooner or later.

The Jews of the Diaspora started their Diaspora on the left foot -- rich and poor were packed into ghettos, submitted to pogroms, concentration camps, and gas chambers. The Druze started their Diaspora on the right foot; remaining together, knowing how to hold the purse in one hand and sword in the other. They chose the strategic mountainous region in southern Lebanon, named after them: Djebel Druze. They remain in a prominent position inspiring general respect. No question of persecutions. The Jews, with no self-defence in mind, established themselves in undefendable territories already heavily populated with locals. The situation was explosive from the beginning. They remain essentially weaker, which engenders disdain, which engenders hatred. All the rest remains pretext. No place for the Jews to build their fortresses; Israel is too small to receive Jews escaping potential danger and anti-Semitism remains very strong.

At the beginning of this article I wrote that: "For me, this word [anti-Semitism] should disappear from dictionaries because the notion is artificial from the beginning. I will try to explain why." I had reactions to this statement saying my explanation was not very clear. So, I'll sum it up:

Jews are hit by persecutions because of Jewish weakness which is more than enough reason. Why did Jews develop this unique lack of self-defence? I know that it wasn't the case before the Diaspora. The Biblical Jews were ferocious warriors. It could all be summed up in the following way: "Anti-Semitism" is a false notion because everybody in a similar situation would be treated in the same way, not specifically the Jews. For the defenseless -- no future in the Darwinian universe.

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