Intervention or Not?

By William Markiewicz

No, if it remains private business among the adversaries. Yes, if it concerns us also -- and when it hurts our natural empathy. Itís hard to ignore sadism directed toward the defenseless and innocents. In Syria we witness the confrontation of two antipathiques: bloody dictator and bloody Jihadists. The best would be to watch both from a distance and to wish none of them well; but both sides have their allies. The USA would prefer, of course, that they make an end of each other and let democracy grow over them.

I remember the case of a mother tormented by her little boy, old enough to talk. The mother, exhausted, took him to the doctor who told her that it was a syndrome that only patience heals. The mother said: but I can't take it anymore! The doctor answered: I'll heal you later, but let's take care of the first case, and this is what happened. You can't fight two adversaries at once even if they simultaneously fight among themselves. But you can help one to win and later defeat the winner.

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