Evolution of Humanity's Hunger for Knowledge

By William Markiewicz

In childhood, people ask their parents questions. In the "childhood" of humanity, perhaps from Stone Age times, humanity found answers in the surroundings; everything was a function of an array of gods -- gods of sun and moon. thunderstorm, day and night ... As culture grew, the array expanded; each branch of activity was attributed to a god. Sophistication of religion created monotheism, polytheism. Development of philosophical thought gave them a new depth, complication of heresies grew. Development of crafts, especially science, gave religion competition, scepticism grew. Development of philosophy gave nourishment to religion and to scepticism. With maturity of humanity the world became more complicated. With the coming of romanticism, knowledge and religion made room somehow for the weight of emotions and intuition. Later, with the Enlightenment, Reason and then Knowledge stepped up onto the pedestal. Some scientists became convinced that we had learned everything that needed to be learned. With the coming of Quantas, thought stood in front of a new revolution; a return to the sky high mysteries of the Cosmos. New tools of thought or old tools for new operations are mobilized and even those in the depth of those processes are wandering in the most secluded labyrinths. Perhaps a new phase in maturity (evolution?) of thought will give humanity new duties and discoveries.

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