Good in Politics

By William Markiewicz

Obamaís adversaries trumpet that Putin has succeeded where Obama failed. They donít understand that Putin and Assad stepped back facing Obama's intransigence and -- his patience. If Obama were a "warrior", like Bush and Hillary for example, we would be in a war today. Wars are unpredictable. The USA is the strongest in the world but Putin can't afford to be clearly humiliated; we donít know how he might react. Fortunately two smarts faced each other and the results are as good as possible. Contrary to Putin, Obama plays from a weak platform; his race doesn't favor him but he has personal charm, patience and intelligence. Obama plays his role as leader of the "strongest nation in the world" and many egomaniacs like this. With todayís global politics, the world doesn't need a "leader" and, I believe, Obama knows it. But he must play his role. He is a hard worker; if no surprises are on the way, we can anticipate future successful steps from him.

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