Self Extincting Species

By William Markiewicz

The Athenians and the Spartans, after being brothers for a long time, ended by practically mutually destroying each other. The South American pre-Columbian nations practically destroyed themselves in games and massacres. Now in modern times, things go in the same direction. The Serbs and Croats, the French between Catholics and Huguenots, etc., killed each other: The Iraqis, the Syrians, Egyptians, killed each other in brotherly wars in the name of what many consider myths. It’s enough to cross the parental threshold to become foreigners and enemies. We see on TV how the Syrians are ready to resist the invasion of foreigners – Americans; they seem to forget that American action is to avenge and avoid other fraternal massacres. It doesn’t mean that I am in favour of American invasion; I would prefer that the Arabs help themselves. The message seems to be, “no interference in our business. “ American interference is met with anger and disdain. Maybe it is human that people prefer their own enemies to their foreign friends. “Don’t mix into our business” seems to sound better for them than help against their own tyrants. I forgot to mention that the English, after crossing the ocean to the new territories, stopped feeling that the English were blood and cultural brothers. They mostly saw them as foreign aggressors.

Travelling a few miles and difference of ideas transforms people more than from here to Mars. Those passions that differentiate may continue to destroy humanity.

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