"Egomaniacs" Versus "Empathics"

By William Markiewicz

Two important leaders are empathic: Pope Francis and Obama; the Pope's call for tolerance in the Church is a real revolution. Religious fundamentalists see religion mostly as an organ of punishment, a really hard punishment. In Islam, religion means mostly fearing God. For Pope Francis, Love is put on a pedestal. For fundamentalists God remains Power, Punishment and Conquest. The political consequences are immense. Syria is cut in shreds by sects massacring everything around. In the USA, secularist or not, egomaniacs replace empathy and tolerance with Power and Honor. McCain says: “Our greatest enemy is Russia." Enemy in what? Perhaps being less strong brings temptation -- Siberia. Perhaps if Russia's power were sufficient to keep potential predators away, McCain would not place Russia among the "enemies." Russia keeps hold on Chechnya, and declares alliance with Assad because its greatest enemy is Jihad, and Russia cannot give up its presence in the oil rich parts of Caucasus.

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