By William Markiewicz

My assumption is that it is not Russia's hostility that motivates Romney’s challenge, but Russia's wealth-power relationship concerning Siberia in particular. When your wealth exceeds your power, it becomes your weakness because it provokes the greed of the more powerful. Russia is a great power among other powers but cannot compare to US might. The world powers, including Russia, possess their strategic centers which, when destroyed, leave the rest of their territory vulnerable. The USA, like the Borg in Sci-Fi, has strict control over each parcel of its territory; able to repair anything and strike practically from everywhere.

When Russia with its Perestroika gave freedom to its satellites without preconditions, it proved her indifference to imperialism which, in sum, was more Communist than Russian. Putin has no nostalgia for, for example, Alaska, and, if I were Putin, I would look at the USA with apprehension more than with envy.

Let's end the foreign policy review with the ultimate topic: war and peace. By temperament Romney seems to be more "cocky" than Obama. For pragmatic politicians war/peace is a question of tough ultimate decision; for the powerful it’s a matter of ideology, choice. It was Madeleine Albright who said: “What is the point of having this superb military if we can’t use it?" (Quoted from memory).

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