“Mene Tekel Fares”

By William Markiewicz

Typical of things to come: Hong Kong residents, not trusting the safety of produce from China, are doing all they can to grow their own or buy local. But Hong Kong has very little agricultural land left and it’s being turned over, piece by piece, to development.

Ours is the dominant species on the planet. There’s a chance that persistent rivalries within may lead to a final victor. The environment can only lose with the existence of a final victor whose greed sooner or later can choke the planet. The Darwinians believe that the stronger is always right and they may throw the baby out with the bathwater. They don’t realize how fragile is the planet. Romney said he would drill for oil in Alaska. The rich will get richer; the planet will get poorer – and it’s not only the “inferior” ones who will lose. We may reach the stage I described in a humorous imaginary interview a while ago in Vagabond: the planet will be reduced to thriving towers of the rich with the rest of the planet covered in ashes (Auschwitz?!). How much will it take to happen? With rampant Darwinism and no opposing powers, it may be unavoidable.

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