Gratuitous Gesture

By William Markiewicz

The terrorists of September 11th made a wrong assumption. They counted on a moral victory over a terrorized population. Psychologically it was all wrong. Only a primitive weak population can be terrorized by powerful invaders. A rich population with strong military power doesn’t have a sense of collective fear. An example: flight. We all know that statistically there will be another catastrophe; nobody takes it on him or herself. The airports are still full. The crowds of the previously harmed population know that the reaction and revenge will be swift and the enemy’s population will be more harmed and defeated by them. The populations of the more or less Third World countries grow in education, awareness, and the final anger, as we now see in the Arab street, is turning inward toward their own tyrants.. The terror activists, like Jihadists, turn more toward interior conflicts. The great powers remain too dangerous and too difficult to reach. We see it in the local Western press. The Jihadists have become a back page topic and the tendency will most likely continue.

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