"Goal Before Road"

By William Markiewicz

Alexander the Great chose goal over road when he cut the Gordian Knot with the sword. Simplicity serves to save costly time. Now I'll try to apply the ‘simplicity’ style to a topic that Physics Quanta handles. I don't try to be smart, I only imitate the gesture of Alexander the Great toward simplicity to see if an analogy may exist between what we perceive as our reality and the reality of Quanta’s universe; maybe the differences are not as great as it appears. Could we function without mathematics? That's what I'm trying to do right now.

Most of us know the problem of the individual trying to get through a dense crowd. The subatomic particle is the individual while a dense crowd will be the atoms. The particle, stopped or running, can be perceived as such, but it cannot be perceived stopping at one place only, because the speed of changing place is too fast, and so it may appear to be in two places at once. In a situation where we can perceive the speed only, this limit of perception may be caused by a speed too fast for the ephemeral particle to appear, and vice versa. The particle appears when the speed is slower than the speed of light.

Another enigma concerns Schrödinger's Cat; how can it be dead and alive simultaneously? Mathematics -- not my domain -- claims it. Here I see an enigma more difficult to grasp than the previous one because no analogy is to be found in our daily world -- no Goal and no Road. Here the existence of existence has to be tackled and we have for it no analogy in our daily world, no Goal no Road, no "perception of perception."

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