Don't Count on Allies' Power nor on Enemiesí Weakness. Count on Yourself

By William Markiewicz

In an interview with CNNís Wolf Blitzer, Mitt Romney promised the USA's military support if Israel attacks Iran. Hmmm... I believe Bush would have done it because he was a mystic. Romney is not a mystic. He's a Darwinian businessman and politician. He doesn't need another war in Central Asia. He's not afraid of Iran's nuclear bomb and is apprehensive only about terrorists who could hit at practically any time. A famous phrase from an old film: "you can't kill me I'm already dead" may fit the suicide bombersí motto. Israel may be afraid of a nuclear bomb -- would Romney enter on the path of war to defend somebody else? The US doesn't need allies; Romney needs to win the election. If he breaks his promise he wonít be the first nor the last politician to do so. Jews in the US predominantly defend foreign policy, and not all Americans are happy about this. Jews have never been skilled politicians; they accepted ghettoes instead of choosing separation like the Moors in Valais or the Druze in what is now Djebel Druze. Despite centuries of warning the Jews didnít foresee the Holocaust, believed anti-Serbian propaganda (read The Golem -- Serbs and Jews in Vagabond), and the Jewish "Taliban" murdered Rabin which ended the blooming Israeli-Arab friendship. Now they risk believing in Romney's pre-election promise. They refuse to foresee that Israel's destruction would affect mostly the Jews.

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