A propos the Recent Debate

By William Markiewicz

In the past, social services were up to the ruler. In pre-Colombian South America there were kings, in Rome -- Caesars ("panem et circenses"), in Medieval Europe -- mostly Churches. In modern times, with insurance, charity has become a business. Those who had nothing had little help. Obama, with his government programs, has little to offer the mostly individualistic Americans. I had a personal experience in New York’s Pennsylvania Station. I arrived at night from Toronto to meet friends. The Station was huge, and I had no clue where to meet them. All the information services, though officially open, were closed, probably because nobody ever went to request help or information. The telephones had little to offer, impossible to understand, and with short recorded messages. The cops told me that … they didn't use phones and could not help me! With my luggage I was alone, and I risked finding myself on menacing looking dark streets, risking being mugged, and who knows what. By luck I found a humane helper who made a telephone call and finally I contacted my friends. Ouff!! In the US you find yourself easily alone, and, if not lucky, without help. When Obama talked about the necessity for the state to have funds for autistic children, for example, very few seemed to be interested -- if you have a problem and can afford to pay, find an appropriate business to help you. One Polish WW2 veteran. who went to hospital, in Florida I believe, saw a woman in bed in the hall, crying. Some male nurse told him: "she’s exhausted her money, and was expedited to the hall (there was some technical term for this), to die." How could Obama be so humanistic and hope to be re-elected?! I believe he will be defeated by the Darwinian Romney.

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