Between Zero and Infinity, My Mind Is in Prison

By William Markiewicz

"...and I still believe, with my poor senses- that the people in another hemisphere- must walk upside down" (Julian Tuvim, Polish poet)

For any object turning on its axis, the further its radius is distant from the center, the faster it turns, with its maximal speed at the perimeter. As for the minimal speed around the axis, it is, of course, at the immediate contact with the axis which itself has to be immobile at its very center. The iron rule of mathematics says so. How can a part of this same matter be independently immobile while the whole entity rolls? If it doesn't roll then it must have no substance. How can the center of matter be without substance? The mystery is total because if the matter has no center then matter itself cannot exist. But -- it exists; we can see it and touch it at any instant. With our "poor senses" we cannot even put the question because how can such a universe exist?

Going from concrete to hypothetical, the problem becomes even more complicated. Letís imagine a turning circle whose radius is infinite as is the perimeter, both practically impossible. But from the visionary realm of the wandering spirit, all should be possible. What is the meaning of direction if nothing changes? Circular movement would mean eternal return forward or backward; the road is the same and the goal is the same. And if all happens in infinity where the edge of the perimeter doesnít exist, there is no speed. Nothing moves because everything is everywhere at each instant, meaning time also stops.

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