By William Markiewicz

For the Darwinians, the world is war. For war and victory you need power and alliances. In peace, all those factors are of much less importance. France doesn’t need to “lead” Belgium. Lead toward what, and for what? -- to impose democracy on an undemocratic world? Lesia Ukrainka disagreed, and me too. “Alliances” are always manipulations. They serve the powerful to obtain what they want with the help of “beni oui oui”, the name given to North African collaborators in ex-colonial France. Usually, what the dominators want doesn’t make sense in the long run; like schoolyard kids who form alliances/gangs with no particular purpose, just to show power. In reality the dominant powers can get all they really need without particular effort.. But they don’t want alliances, they want to manipulate. Terrorism and tyrants aren’t eliminated through leadership and alliances. There are no holes that snakes cannot slip through, and the world will never be completely safe. To eliminate risk is like disinfecting air and water. We can only reduce risk to reasonable proportion and psychologists and doctors claim that a little risk is rather beneficial. The vision of the righteous superpower leading the world smells too much like: “Heute wir haben Deutschland, morgen die ganze Welt.” Whether you want it or not, it’s Nazism without racism (yet). You want to impose democracy on Jihad countries? First you have to conquer them. Alexander the Great tried and failed. All the conquistadores tried and mostly failed. Negotiations between Israel and Arabs? The Palestinians will never give up the West Bank to Israel. If they did they would cease to exist, despised by the Arabs and rest of the world. No matter what happens, the Syrians will never give up Golan, but try to convince Netanyahu and his supporters of this. Rabin is dead and the American leadership will never resurrect his thought.

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