By William Markiewicz

The Republican leitmotif is that to improve the economy, no government intervention is needed. What is needed is not a tax increase but "growth" to ensure jobs.

Economy, finances, are not my particular field of interest and competence. I would like to treat the topic with simple logic. "Growth" -- of what? The planet is not a balloon to be inflated. The territories have been exploited almost to the maximum, sometimes to exhaustion. How many more condominiums can be built and how much more nature and oxygen has to be sacrificed? How many items can be produced when the market is saturated? Let's not forget about the aging population that can't produce and can't grow except in number. No "growth" can sustain a non productive population. This can be done through an effective charity system like welfare, subsidized housing, hospitals, nursing homes supported by government taxation particularly of the more privileged part of the population. Our culture has no coconut trees to shake and hopefully never will have. The other measure of protection for the welfare of our societies and planet is to apply discipline in birthrates.

PS: The system of helping sustain the population through government means is not from today. The Romans had "bread and circuses." The PreColumbian rulers in South America invented unnecessary duties just to keep people busy. The problem is old as the world. There will always be factions in the populations employed in pseudo jobs. In times of Depression, the government subsidized activities like painting classes for people who were not, and didn't intend to become artists. It can be hoped that higher educated societies with progressing knowledge will reduce more and more this kind of ersatz employment.

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