By William Markiewicz

Ideologies may trigger wars but itís always power that wins. When the settlers decided to ignore the Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty, they opted for eternal war. They donít want to know that such a war canít be won by Israel; they are persuaded that God is on their side. They donít want to know that God didnít save one single victim of Auschwitz and other butcheries. They have to count on eternal U.S. support but they must remember that political alliances are no more eternal than Divine grace. Already, the USA is prepared to sign a multibillion dollar deal for weaponry for Saudi Arabia. This neighbour of Israel doesnít have a particularly anti Israel policy but it cannot ignore traditional solidarity with its Palestinian brethren. The USA, for its part, cannot neglect its traditional alliance and dependence on its oil rich and strategically necessary Saudi ally. Arming Saudi Arabia, the USA counterbalances mighty Iran, enemy of USA and Israel.

Politically, the US needs to preserve a friendly and mighty Arab Muslim power among the massively hostile Arab Muslim world. Israel, for its part, must make a friendly gesture to the US by stopping the settlersí pressure over the virtually defenceless West Bank. The Israeli hawks gave the hawkish settlers a free hand and now must pay the consequences. The Civil War in Israel over the settlers may be avoided if Israel distances itself from the settlers, calling them rebels. Only this can make the settlers realise that they may lose without pulling Israel into the abyss with them.

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