By William Markiewicz

Todayís CNN program "Menís Country Hell for Women" reported the situation of women in Afghanistan which is at least as bad as Black slavery in the USA. In the Afghan household, women are treated as brutally as a particularly cruel slaveholder treated his property. Obama has good reason not to send a surge to Afghanistan: even if the West sends 40,000 more troops there, domestic cruelty wonít be eliminated. Occupation will not change households.

Of course it doesnít mean that the women should be left to their fate but the tactics cannot be invasion and occupation. This would have the opposite effect. The usual method directed against a country, without invasion, is blockade and economic sanctions as with Cuba and South Africa. Of course the rugged geographic situation of Afghanistan makes blockade very difficult and not very efficient. But other methods like cutting diplomatic and economic relations could be applied and the government may be pressured to cooperate with the West's requirements, like for example: no official obligation to wear burka, school for girls preferably with mixed gender, admission of women to responsible positions (with ensured safety), establishment of freedom of faith for all citizens, right to create shelters for women by all associations and all creeds, again with full assurance of security. For acts of terrorism abroad, like in the States or in Europe, the West should charge the Afghan authorities with the responsibility for those acts. The punishment for acts of terror should not be by invading forces but by bombing. For good or bad reasons it works. Serbia was defeated by bombing and the bombers didn't lose even one pilot.

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