By William Markiewicz

This is the title of John R. Miller's article in today's New York Times. Who cares? Surely not him.

Jonathan Swift described what it's like to be Gulliver among the Lilliputiens. Wasn't it Confucius who said that the best king is an invisible king? Is the role of king to display his power and glory or to ensure the happiness of his subjects? Undoubtedly it's the latter. What are the reasons for the fashionable and antiquated conception of "foreign policy? " -- dirty politics under false assumptions. The consequences of the First World War opened the way for Hitler's power and the future Holocaust. Sixty years later the Second World War brought destruction of Serbia and 'mafiosi' power of new mergers under protectorate of "the king. " How beautiful was the Global Village concept, destroyed by the need of power over the weaker! Old empires lived mostly for the glory of Ego; has prosperity and its resulting boredom of our populaces and leaders caused their return to 'old moons'?

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