By William Markiewicz

I’m not in favour of repeating myself, but as the world powers persist in their methods, Vagabond must maintain its stand.

A short time ago Minister Gordon Brown visited British troops in Afghanistan repeating his argument that the war in Afghanistan is necessary to prevent Islamic terror from spreading to the streets of London. Osama Bin Laden said, “Do we attack Sweden?” confirming that his camp does not attack those with opposing views, they only respond to outside invasion. Nobody writes about it. Nobody remembers that Islamic terror is a mixture of religious fanaticism and nationalism. Conflicts, as in Africa and elsewhere, have been resolved in other ways than armed invasion. Stop this war on enemy territory and threat of terrorism will simply evaporate. Local problems must be resolved by local populations; this doesn’t mean that we have to abandon those who are considered by religious fanatics as impure. Women, the seculars, and even the fate of animals could be improved by other methods than violence. The hawks in the West shouldn’t have priority in all decisions. Everybody can negotiate, and arrive at sound mutual concessions. There is no other solution possible to stop the unending devastation.

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