By William Markiewicz

In the recent interview with Larry King on CNN, Libyan leader Muamar Khadafi said that to ensure peace in the Middle East would be for Israel and Palestine to merge into "Isratine"; while the Old Guard on each side may be opposed, the new generation would be ready to accept it.

Vagabond has declared at various times that unions are the wrong solution. It is not much fun for us to repeat it again but if, among world politicians, the idea of union survives there can never be enough reminders that this is the pathway to catastrophe. In the past, unions have failed. The most recent illustration we have is in Bosnia-Hercegovina where the European Union, with its arrogance and heavy fist, imposed forced marriage among three ethnic groups who have no intention of living together. The theory that bigger states of mixed population are politically and economically superior to smaller and more homogeneous states comes from people who live in their isolated castles, and are completely ignorant and indifferent to what is really going on in those collective multi ethnic prisons. In conclusion, a mixed Jewish Arab state is not a solution. To ensure that everybody lives in peace everywhere including the Middle East, each entity should keep its hands and legs within its own frontiers. Any aggression, any offense, any conquest is a wasp’s nest of dirty politics with no end in sight. If the frontiers remain respected, not violated, not the object of ‘appetites’, the Middle East, like the rest of the world, will stay in "boring monotonous" peace. Dreamers and conquistadors must be controlled by the political mind of citizens who know better.

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