By William Markiewicz

We've heard from Western politicians about the right of Georgia to keep the integrity of its frontiers and of course, our sacred duty to defend Georgia's sacred rights. How come we never hear about the inhabitants of the disputed territories? Because Ossetia and Abkhazia don't have enough millions for public relations through which they could hammer the indifferent, affectively retarded, Western World: "We have news for you we exist!" If Georgia's army is allowed to invade separatist Ossetia and Abkhazia, countless numbers will be forced to run for their lives to wherever they can get refuge. Entire territories empty of their inhabitants who lived there since time immemorial will be at the conqueror's disposal to populate with their own kind. The Darwinian law of the stronger allows geometrically-tactically guided politicians to totally ignore who lives there. In this condition, the weaker has no other solution than to disappear. Are there enlightened humanists in the West to say decisively: enough is enough? Not those who defend the rigidity of frontiers but those who defend human rights should be recognized as having priority. Would the humanist-sounding Russian politicians have their own second thoughts? It's not our business. Let's anybody defend the innocent from those who wave the card of legality at the expense of victims.

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