By William Markiewicz

After the voluntary dissolution of the USSR, Russia made a gesture seldom seen in history. It gave unconditional freedom to all the non-Russian former Soviet Republics and zones of influence. Gorbachev expected a fraternal embrace from the West while the West quietly observed as Russia crumbled and disintegrated. Ignoring thousands of civilians dying from hunger and cold, the politicians and press pompously reiterated that -- Russia is too big. The West, adamant on preserving the territorial integrity of Georgia against the will of the local populations who, after all, want ther freedom, waited quietly for Russia to fall into pieces by itself. It didn't happen. Russia, in record time, unexpectedly rose up. The West squeezed Russia with military bases around its frontiers under the ridiculous pretext that they were 'against Iran!'Nobody listened to Russian protests, as if Russia had already ceased to exist. The West also smashed Russia's tiny ally in Europe -- Serbia. Again, nobody listened to Russian protests. All the Western moves against Russia constitute a preparation for war while Russia is hardly threatening world peace by supporting the authentic wish for freedom of small Ossetia and Abkhazia. Whatever Russia has in mind it doesn't matter. Nobody dissected Russian intentions when it dissolved the Soviet empire.

I think that to open the eyes of those who rigorously keep them shut, Russia could make a psychological move offering North Ossetia union with the separatists in South Ossetia.. Even the fiercest enemies of Russia would be impressed.

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