By William Markiewicz

Obama and McCain stand at opposite corners but bring nothing new. Obama goes by books, McCain goes by the sword. Obama represents those who still believe in coexistence, cooperation, while McCainís patriotism is purely Darwinian, imperial. If McCain becomes president of the USA, war with Russia is already in view. It doesnít matter who is right or wrong, the decision belongs to the stronger, which has nothing to do with justice, only with injustice. The ultimate goal of the Empire is Darwinistic, meaning accumulation of all the wealth of the world. For the Empire, wealthy countries that canít defend their wealth are unacceptable as partners. Certain countries, rich but militarily weak, are, in front of the Empire, comfortably localized as vassals. Certain countries like Russia, Iran, have wealth disproportionate to their power. Countries that are not strong enough to defend their wealth and for one reason or another stay distant from the vassal condition, have no other solution than to unite their forces, which may be too late for them.

The Empire cannot be democratic and what would be the governing system and the philosophical wrapping for it? Would it be a simple repetition of the Roman Empire with the power-holding Patricians? Will it be a return to the medieval Dark Ages with the Borg-like (Star Trek) in power? Old fashioned mentality and modern technology can create new monsters which we canít foresee at the present time.

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