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September - October 2007 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

Open Bouquet --
Overstatement (10/25), Bhutto and Musharaff, Opponents and Allies (10/24), What is Art? (10/18), Boredom (10/12), Quo Vadis (10/11),
Whose Strength and Whose Weakness? (10/04), Business as Usual (10/04), Dark Fortresses of Holy Warriors (9/30),
Dion and Ignatieff (9/23), Fortresses Afghanistan and Iraq (9/23), Oil -- the Magic Word (9/21),
Water (9/21), No Peace for Middle East (9/19), "Support Our Troops" -- Slogan from Hell (9/14),
Extreme Right Wing Job (9/12), All in the Name of Security (9/12), Embassy that Explains It All (9/12),
The Bees and the Virus (9/10),Nazis in Israel (9/10), Osama the Converter (9/09), Nato Chiefs' Meeting in Ottawa (9/06)
"Reverent Agnostic" (10/22)
Survey or Brainwashing? (10/19)
The Maverick Universe (9/28)
Ahmadinejad at Columbia University (9/25)
Painful Mistake (9/15)
Poor Calcutta and Mother Teresa (9/05)
Communication Page -- Re: Amadinejad at Columbia University ... (9/29), Walking on Living Bodies (Fifty Million Files) ... (9/01)

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