By William Markiewicz

You don't invite somebody then insult him. It's not the gentlemanís way to use and abuse your position. Civilization is dying if a university president gives an example of ruthlessness to a young enthusiastic crowd. That Ahmadinejad accepted this invitation was either a mistake or an expression of vulnerability; maybe he went as a token of reconciliation, a pathetic plea for peace. It wonít work just as it didnít work for leaders of other countries before him. If the U.S. wants to attack Iran it will and it doesnít matter how much of a rascal Ahmadinejad is, but itís always oil interests that are at stake. Saddam Hussein was too weak to keep his riches Ė how about Iran? Like Saddam, Ahmadinejad made the mistake of bullying and creating pretexts for the U.S.A. Saddam fell into the trap of attacking Kuwait; Ahmadinejad is a megalomaniac self appointed leader of the anti Israeli and anti Jewish cause. President Bush, who talked after Ahmadinejad, was remarkably non aggressive. He didnít seem to be himself. He talked about various calamities in the world, like Aids, about the brutal dictators of Burma -- it seemed that he suddenly began to notice more problems than a few from the ďAxis of Evil.Ē Bushís pacifism is menacing, silence before the storm. As very few took Ahmadinejad seriously, he delivered ammunition to Bush for future actions, whatever they might be; Americans seem to accommodate to steady and new wars.

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