By William Markiewicz

Feast or no feast, the sinister game has to continue.

In the Bush Ė Karzai joint conference, both underlined the necessity to continue the anti-terrorism offensive. Iíd like to express my point of view in a parable, following in the steps of great masters of the parable like Aesop and Jesus Christ. I don't like parables very much; perhaps the masters didn't like them either, but they may have had no choice. They had to convince crowds so they looked for a basic common denominator. They also knew that they had to remain extratemporal; immediate reality belongs to profiteers and demagogues, businessmen and populists. Thinkers, artists, even scientists work with a view to the future, knowing that their message requires time to be assimilated.

Letís then start with the parable: A huge tree is attacked by a disease at the level of the roots. Witnesses see only the condition of the leaves; what is hidden - the roots - remains a matter for the experts, and those are a small minority with no power to make decisions. So the problem is controlled by profiteers and demagogues who expend super great efforts to improve the aspect of the leaves. Nobody penetrates to the roots of the problem. Public opinion is not interested. The profiteers and populists traditionally remain attached to the surface of the matter. Only the illuminati of 'conspiracy theories' like to dig, but for the purpose of sensationalism, not to uncover facts. The tree will probably survive the crisis, spontaneously healing its roots, but at the expense of time and energy uselessly wasted. So, I propose again and again to follow the ungrateful way of thinkers, artists and scientists; to dig to the sources, into an Aladdinís Cave of things to remember:

Shortly before 9/11, Bush and Sharon in their joint TV appearance, declared to the Palestinians: "First you must stop fighting, then we'll negotiate." Peace preceding negotiations, that's what they had to offer, which ends up being an ultimatum. Negotiations would have been an adornment. The answer was 9/11, perhaps the answer of the whole Arab, perhaps the Islamic world. Concerning the Palestinians, they were probably the most heterogeneous society in the Middle East; Christians, non-believers, Communists, participate in the fight while enjoying the support of the Muslim world. Today nobody believes that the present situation might have such a modest, small, buried-in-the-past cause. Therefore the sinister 'feast' will continue.

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