By William Markiewicz

The two-legged stance equals equilibrium. The body knows it intuitively. As the mind floats in the air it often forgets to take a lesson from the body and takes one side, meaning extreme, at a time.

Women -- first women were oppressed. Then came liberation and in PR (like advertising) men are often ridiculed and shown as nerds, stupid, weaklings, while a woman stands on the side, always triumphant, smiling and just impeccable. Why not remain simply neutral, maintaining equality?

Religion -- a prison for mind and body and/or a comfortable pretext for leaders to transform it into a tool of their power. How many faithful fear not so much God as the humans who reign over them in God's name.

In politics –- left wing tyranny opposed to right wing tyranny. How many of us are able to keep away from those extremes?

Political correctness -- In the old times, not so long ago, a good fight was the way for primary school kids to smooth over conflicts by establishing primitive hierarchies proper to their age and instinct. Kids love expressions of physical fitness and physical challenge. Generations of pupils were raised like this. Today, physical challenge among kids is forbidden. In consequence, they have no experience of fighting; when they do fight they go too far. They haven't developed the rituals that come with experience; no more chivalry, no more fair fights. They throw themselves as a pack onto one single victim with incalculable consequences. Because they can't fight they don't have familiarity of body, person to person, they remain strangers. Body contact, an important part of relationship, is not developed in them so they remain challengers without discharging the tension.

It's even more serious at the kindergarten level. The kids need to touch objects, each other. This is how bonding is developed. Now, little children touching each other are almost charged with crime. They are under iron discipline and too early are separate individuals. They become robots, zombies, and they have challenges that are too sophisticated for their age and ways. Directness is replaced by sneakiness which later leads to individual outbursts of violent crimes that we note today.

Federalism/separatism – I have always been a federalist. I like the fixed beauty of historical structures. Now I am no longer so sure. After all, from unity comes differentiation. It is a mechanism of evolution. In biology the flowers and the bees didn’t start out together but adapted to each other due to circumstances.

Homosexuality/pedophilia –- I link them together because not so long ago they were considered equally ‘sick’. Wilhelm Reich depicted with diagrams “the perversity of homosexuality”. Today homosexuals are liberated –- perhaps the most authentic case of liberation because homosexuals don’t try to convert, they simply coexist. Sexuality is no longer considered a tool of reproduction only; it separates itself from reproduction in the same way as, for instance, the ‘third eye’ became a pineal gland. The organs and the functions have the potential to change purpose.

Pedophilia remains solidly grounded as a sickness and crime. I wrote in Vagabond that, effectively, children need protection because mentally and physically they are not ready for decisions. Then, I remembered the practice of introduction to manhood (Seminoles?) where the warriors took young boys to the forest at night and sex was part of the initiation. Apparently the boys did not become homosexual after this experience. I learned that other tribes throughout the world, including Europe had similar initiation practices. If it was part of ancient culture then it cannot, in itself, be so sick. Still it can be harmful. Therefore, without plunging into theories and philosophies I would say, “f… off” my son or daughter. I would also protect any child approached by an adult. But still I accept that I am ignorant of the bigger picture.

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