By William Markiewicz

A friend sent me an article from the Ottawa Citizen: “The Dark Side of Multiculturalism” by Robert Sibley. I’d like to highlight the most important points of debate. With all the mass immigrations that led to conflicts, like Mexicans in California, Cubans in Florida, Muslims in Europe – it is a question of numbers and not of philosophy or ideology. It’s a competition older than multiculturalism. Pure multiculturalism is inoffensive. My friend’s family is an example; various roots and all together, it couldn’t be more Canadian. Multiculturalism is nothing other than an exchange of tastes, knowledge, curiosity, entertainment. Multiculturalism is a bit of tourism at home and in free moments.

Terrorism has nothing to do with multiculturalism – all the contrary. When Western-born Mideasterners react with anger to the invasion of their ancestal countries, it is perfectly justifiable and they are not alone. For people like me, the ‘defence of Western values’ in Iraq and Afghanistan is as misplaced as bananas growing in the Arctic. Foreigners coming to build a new life in the West are not material for terrorists because it would only harm their future. It’s normal for youth to be torn between their immediate environment and loyalty to the country of their forefathers. This creates schizophrenic trauma, totally understandable. Only the end of the ‘dirty wars’ may heal this dilemma. Western fanatics and Eastern fanatics are very bad material for the multicultural cocktail and the end of the ‘dirty war’ will contribute to keeping them separated in their respective countries.

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