By William Markiewicz

Pinochet was guilty and got away with it because he was judged by friends. Milosevic is innocent and will be punished because he is judged by enemies. There is practically no evidence in Milosevic's case, only hostile testimonies accepted as bona fide. Saddam Hussein is probably guilty as there is a lot of evidence against him but whatever is the truth he will be condemned because he is judged by enemies. Still, the powers in charge cannot avoid that Saddam's trial will be interesting and, contrary to the unfortunate Milosevic trial, it will be followed by the whole world.

In what way is Saddam's trial complex? Already due to the fact that for obvious political reasons that have nothing to do with justice, Saddam is judged in Iraq. Why not in the Hague like Milosevic? Even in our epoch of political hoodlums leading political cretins, the 'cretins' may start to ask questions.

Saddam must go. Iran, Syria may be attacked (as Condoleeza Rice recently stated); crazy waltz of falling pieces on a political chessboard to continue. Up to now the world has been too accustomed to wild wars and wild trials which we don't need to understand too much. Why don't we need to understand? Because we really don't care. Let the heads and countries fall as long as they are not ours.

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