By William Markiewicz

The general explanation is that tortures inflicted on prisoners by the military are due to a lack of criteria on how to treat those prisoners. This lack is triggered by Bush's decision that Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners are not covered under the Geneva Convention and are not prisoners of war because they are ... "enemy combatants"(!)

Bush decides out of the blue which captured enemy combatants deserve the status of Prisoner of War and which not. In this, he acts like the Germans, who, without looking at status, simply gave Russian prisoners of war two alternatives: concentration camp or collaboration. The difference is that the German public was not informed about those on-the-field decisions while now Bush publicly and proudly announces this abomination for all the world to hear.

Who are these persons without legal status? What are they, as a matter of fact? Slaves? Vermin? Pests? There is a total lack of definition that should give shivers not only to the legal profession but any logically minded person. Still Bush has gotten away with it, and for a long time.

There are animal protection societies but there is no legislation to protect those mysteriously stigmatized enemy combatants. Now fifty years after the slaughter of Jews and Gypsies, some humans are placed in a category below animals.

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