By William Markiewicz

The Sunnis reject the constitution and pathetically ask the UN for help. Perhaps Iraq is one of those artificial entities which inevitably have to be divided, but the Sunni population is economically, politically, absolutely unprepared and cannot simply be tossed overboard. For the Americans, there are only two important parts of Iraq: oil-rich Shiite south and oil-rich Kurdish north. By the verdict of realpolitics, the Kurds are the only ones among the oppressed who, perhaps for the first time in history, have a chance to rise up. Within American global policy they have the good luck to be on the "right" side. Kurdish society is traditionally free and tolerant; they may use their money well and thrive as an example for their neighbours. As for the theocratic Shiites, their main goal is to keep minorities and women in submission; they don't need a lot of money to achieve this. The Sunnis, who dominated Iraq in the time of Saddam Hussein and before, now will be reduced to poverty and exposed to the mercy of revenge-seeking Shiites. Who will be concerned about them? Civil war is unavoidable. The Sunnis can resist but cannot defeat the Americans, who sponsor this federal Iraq. The Sunnis join the other defeated ones of our times, Serbs and Pashtuns. Another open sore will remain the problem of Palestinian territories. Sharon declared that he would keep Israeli settlers in the West Bank. He doesn't explain and nobody seems to ask how he can continue to defy the Oslo Peace Agreements. The Sunnis will fight in Iraq, the mostly Talibani Pashtuns in Afghanistan, and Hamas in Palestine; three never-ending wars ahead.

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