By William Markiewicz

Years ago in Europe I saw a TV movie, I don't remember the title. It was the story of some African kingdom, perhaps authentic, set in the 19th century. A small expedition of Europeans visited the king. There were scenes of unbearable cruelty that made me think of snuff, because the portrayal of impalement was unbelievably real. When the king died, all those who didn't express their sorrow powerfully enough were impaled.

A parallel with the NWO: Of course if you have this kind of power and mentality, suspicion is enough reason to terminate anybody weaker. Would Saddam have been spared if he'd shown enough sorrow after September 11th? He also would've had to offer the Americans Iraqi oil on a silver plate. Now Iran is targeted as a threat to the Western world because of its hatred of our values. Can Iran prove its love for the West other than by offering Iranian oil on a silver plate?

In another movie, this time of the gangster genre, a house was invaded and a young servant undressed quickly to avoid being raped by force. In today's politics, how can you show the spirit of cooperation with the NWO other than by quickly offering your goodies? The reader can figure out who else is on the waiting list because "Western patience has its limits..."

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