By William Markiewicz

"Enemies have to be crushed before they become effective." What are the consequences of this mentality?

Sound familiar? Maybe 'new Vulcans' are part of an old story. Over 60 years ago all this was part of a program called Nazism. The only remaining differences: formal democracy has not been abolished and no anthropological component is included in the program. Up to now the NWO and its Vulcans look like ordinary imperialists operating on the pretext of "preserving security." But the measures they take are more dangerous than the presumed danger they are supposed to fight because those targeted evils fight back, of course, and flames burn all over. The Vulcans retort that it would be much worse if we left time for the Evil to grow, an improbable assertion that is impossible to prove. The targeted ones are all small, weak, and rich, which makes them delectable targets and negligible dangers. In modern warfare big size offers no protection, thus the newly targeted can be big, weaker and rich. The Vulcans decide who the 'devil' is according to its assets.

So we live in the epoch of 'preventive' wars with potential for incalculable new concepts to arise. Those new concepts cannot be pacific. The world's war machine can only engender concepts that maintain war. After smashing the outside evils, the time will come to target inside evils. Here sociology and anthropology can find fertile ground. Rich or poor, numerous or not, the weak will be judged as an obstacle to the world's ultimate happiness. Everywhere we see the slogan: "The world is better now without Saddam Hussein." In reality the world doesn't give a damn about Saddam Hussein but the catchy slogan, bait for the collective mental debility, can be used, right or wrong, against anybody. The Nazis had a list of those to eliminate to make the world a better place to live.

One top Nazi in Hitler's Germany worried that after its final victory the SS would turn against its own nation because you can't stop a killing machine in full stride. Will the NWO evolve like Sparta or the Pre-Colombian civilisations, bleeding themselves and their New World to death?

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