By William Markiewicz

There is an old self-critical Polish saying: "Smart Pole, after the damage." Sharon finally got smart trying to eliminate the damage he created with the settlers' adventure. Terror chases Sharon from Palestinian Territory. Terror (Irgun, Stern...) chased the British from Palestine. Terror chased the French from Maghreb. Terror will probably chase the Americans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Sweet is the smell of oil, but Iraqi oil is not vital for Americans; it's cheaper to buy it than to conquer it. The old colonial powers understood long ago what Bush and Blair are learning from scratch, navigating in blood among the ruins. The Chechen terror will not chase the Russians, because Caucasian oil is a matter of life and death for Russia.

Contrary to Bush's propaganda, terror is not a self-ignited phenomenon, fruit of some gratuitous hatred. I've long sustained that while flyers and posters are the media of the poor, terror is the nuke of the weak. Bush provoked terrorism by blindly supporting, against the Oslo Accords, the Jewish settlements, which have to go anyway now. Sharon understood what Bush, blinded by pride and power, never will. Bush continues to fuel the terror by holding on to Iraq and Afghanistan; if he backs up, terrorism wont disappear from one day to the next but it wont last long. Bush will never be able to take such a decision by himself. He can hold on for long time if the nation remains fooled like the Germans were in WW2. If he attacks Iran, the number of suicide bombers may be countless, like those Russian soldiers in WW2 who acted practically as kamikaze.

If Bush wins the election (he may), what madness will he invent to prove to the world and to himself that he can win "the war on terror"? Throughout history the most useless wars were among the bloodiest.

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