By William Markiewicz

A new definition of the rational: That which is impossible to achieve. Had the Sinai settlers accepted dual Egyptian/Israeli nationality, they would have cemented the peace between those countries and they'd still be in Sinai. If the Golan settlers accepted double Syrian/Israeli citizenship they'd remain in Golan and there would be peace between Israel and Syria. I have a bold suggestion for Arafat and the Israeli settlers: They should accept double nationality -- Israeli/Palestinian -- for the settlers! It will come as a huge surprise. It will accelerate creation of a Palestinian state and cement peace between Palestine and Israel. All this would not require a big sacrifice from the settlers; simply, the kids would learn Arabic alongside Hebrew, and the Jews and Arabs would socialize which can bring only good to both. As I said in the beginning, there is no chance that rational minds will prevail but, if for no other reason, it's my moral duty to suggest something that would be, finally, sensible and not bloody.

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