By William Markiewicz

Chechnya has been Russia's historical enemy since the Czar conquered Chechnya. So, Chechens will always choose allies among Russia's enemies. In WW2 they took the German side. Today, if they were independent, they would become one more among America's allies, like Georgia, Uzbekistan, et al, which are part of the steel belt surrounding Russia. Chechnya could find a peaceful modus vivendi with Russia and become another Byelorussia. The Russians would willingly grant independence and get the hell out of there if the Chechens could bring themselves to bury the past, not to block their oil flow to Russia in favor of the USA, and not to become a playground for the anti-Russian offensive. We know that the Americans can pay well, therefore Russia keeps its bloody outpost in Chechnya. Chechnya doesn't want to become another Byelorussia for Russia; they are a passionate warrior nation with too much accumulated hatred. Chechens don't know yet that the Americans, once in Chechnya, would never leave (oil). Probably Chechnya would make a good deal in becoming another Byelorussia. Between two powers it's always better to choose the weaker one as an ally.

Contrary to general opinion, religion doesn't play a major role in the anti-Americanism of the Muslim countries. Like everywhere, national interests prevail over religious ones. Iraq and prevoyant Iran defend their oil, and other Muslim countries express their solidarity with the Iraqis and the Palestinians. The NWO provokes the birth of terror by attacking the weaker, then presents the terror to public opinion as aggression by the enemies of civilisation (music of demagogy).

As we know, the world of today is divided along the demarcation line between The Power and the - not - so - powerful, while among the weaker some are irresistible temptations for conquest. Iran is in danger, nothing to do with WMD or regime; North Korea risks nothing because nobody can make a buck in attacking it. Russia, definitely non-dangerous, would have been attacked long ago (for Caucasus and Siberia), but the war in Afghanistan delayed it. Russia grabbed the opportunity to introduce itself as an unsolicited ally (see 'War in Afghanistan and Russia').

Now, no matter how much the USA may desire the victory of Chechen terrorists, it cannot intervene in favor of 'Chechen human rights' because they cannot afford to support terrorists in Chechnya while fighting terror elsewhere. Bush is obliged to trumpet solidarity with Russia against the enemies of civilisation. The Chechen terror shields Russia against NWO aggression, a mixed blessing for Russia. The "Anti-terror pact between Russia and Israel" reported in the media, is one more step for Russia toward rapprochement with the USA. Russia continues to play for time, which is in the interest of us all, because a nuclear conflict of such dimensions can only poison the planet more.

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