Some are born to endless night... Willam Blake

By William Markiewicz

Polish poet Boleslaw Lesmian wrote about a little shoemaker, mad and crippled, who, at night, sewed boots for God:

"In sewing there is nothing but sewing
Then lets sew while remains a breath
In life there is nothing but living
Then lets live till the edge of the end...

Be blessed, this living mood
From which creative might
Comes out such a boot
In such silvery night."

French poet Jules Laforque wrote:

"From there to here
From here to there
In the truth, in the truth, that's all there is
And for the rest, let God have mercy on me."

A Spanish anonymous poet:

"The day I was born
Which planet was reigning
That everywhere I go
My black star guides me."

That's all folks... Just some echoes from endless night.

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