By William Markiewicz

Yesterday, a CBC French TV program featured a journalist whose name I don't remember (I didn't plan to write about him). He declared that he had become a believer in God, called the Arabs 'carpet merchants', bleached his own hair blond, and declared that Bush saved the world from nuclear tragedy by eliminating Saddam Hussein. He knew how to tame the mainly liberal audience by being clever and articulate Saying, rightly, that Saddam's dictatorship was t-e-r-r-i-b-le, was enough to block everybody's protest. Even though his audience was composed of bright people they were obviously not bright enough.

Saddam's Iraq was equivalent to Mussolini's Italy. Because Saddam was secularist, Iraq was perhaps the only Middle Eastern country with a Western-type society, total freedom and opportunities for women and freedom of religion. You could drink alcohol from a bottle on the street, (I saw this on TV) without the risk of having your throat sliced. Our blond reporter calmly, with nobody protesting, ended his TV appearance by stating: "Americans will give the Shiites the keys to Iraq. So women will wear the chador, men will grow beards, and the oil will be American." The NWO's ideal recipe for the carpet merchants and for the oil-hungry Aryan world!

Mussolini without Hitler would have been a local dictator posing no danger to the world, as Saddam would if left alone. Would a chicken roost on an ostrich egg? Saddam Hussein wasn't crazy either. If I were Iraqi I'd prefer Saddam's dictatorship where my sister and daughter can go to work and to Universities, where I can eat and drink what I want and I would keep my country's natural wealth. This French or French Canadian journalist now wants Iran to be attacked as a potential danger for peace, and Pakistan must be kept under scrutiny. A few carpet merchants without carpets, armed with bows and arrows will be allowed to survive.

Bush's main achievement in fighting terror? By eliminating Saddam Hussein he gave an unexpected gift to the fundamentalists for whom Saddam Hussein was the main enemy; he opened the jinn's bottle from which fundamentalist terror is spreading throughout the world.

Whatever is left of Arab secular nationalism, they'll see no other way than to join the fundamentalists as the only remaining resistance force. But the fundamentalists are interested first of all in religion; once they get what they want they'll abandon nationalism and the Americans may remain colonial masters in those huge territories.

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