By William Markiewicz

I turned on the Radio Canada French program in the middle, so I missed the details: Europe's economic and political dependence on Washington will grow. Oil producing countries are limiting their output, which will raise the price. The Iraqi oil minister announces that Iraqi oil companies will be for sale and American companies will be given priority. Iraqi state industries will be for sale. We can foresee that the factories will be bought and closed to eliminate competition with existing factories in the purchaser's country; nothing new in it. The desperate, mostly educated, native masses will try to emigrate, to the USA of course (if you can't beat them join them), but very few will be admitted. The rest will beat their heads against the wall and be punished as "terrorists" for all the cracks that appear in the wall.

The world will slowly get used to and forget about those desperate, bright masses, as, before WW2, the world quietly coexisted with "phantom ships" loaded with Jews, refugees from Nazi Germany, that nobody wanted to accept. In the end, those ships were refused even food and water. As far as I know, Jews were committing mass suicide, jumping into the sea.

How many days did the recent massacres in Africa last while nobody rushed to rescue the defenseless civilians? No oil, no political interests were involved there.

Once colonial order is installed in countries/oil companies, and their survivors reduced and tamed, what's next for the victorious NWO? There are rumors that "The Holy Alliance" and a Neo Austro-Hungarian Empire will be recreated so that the world will freeze into eternal discipline. This can be compared to a law that forces today's girls to switch from miniskirts and bluejeans to the crinolines of previous centuries. With crinolines or not, we're squeezed into old style iron armor, inquisitions, rules and disciplines. Previous chains were imposed in the name of "church", "class" "race," today in the name of "fighting terrorism." And the world stays silent, observing the calamities of others, while passively taking the road toward their own future calamities. They refuse to see that there will be no happiness, even for those less affected, with this progressing neo-nazism that hasn't (yet) revealed its name.

This is one of my many Jeremiads I've published in past Vagabonds. Is there a good reason not to?

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