By William Markiewicz

Here I answer Mohan Guruswamy (see the Communication Page, this issue). The most peaceful federations have dismantled. Who would have expected the low key Czechs and Slovaks to be so impatient to break their union? As nobody stuck dirty fingers into their negotiations, they succeeded in doing it peacefully. Peoples living for generations on their own soil don't want to confederate, there are enough proofs for that. Not many multinational states remain in Europe and ethnic tensions there are always present no matter how discrete. In countries with explosive situations, the authorities brutally enforce the status quo. Kurds, Pashtuns, persist in never-ending struggles and hopes. As for the Chechens, both sides of the conflict have to develop a new attitude. For historical reasons the Chechens always took the side of Russia's traditional enemies, which cannot continue. Caucasus is vital to Russia and the traditional Russian enemies want to use Chechnya as a poisonous stiletto. Once totally independent, Chechnya would certainly join Nato's steel cordon surrounding Russia. Independent Chechnya must offer guarantees to Russia by keeping a certain form of partnership with her.

Kurdistan is parceled among many neighbours making it hard to form a strategy toward independence. Regarding Afghanistan, how many people know that Pashtuns are its biggest ethnic group? Pashtuns, like Serbs, are characterised by geographical and historical isolation and both are victimised by the realpolitics of their enemies. But the Serbs are in the heart of Europe while the Pashtuns are so totally isolated in Central Asia that if millions of them suddenly disappeared in an abyss of the earth, the rest of the world wouldn't even notice. Therefore they can be submitted to the worst possible treatment (see "Death of a Nation" -- July-August 03 issue of Vagabond). The Pashtuns have survived for centuries in some of the harshest conditions on earth. They've defeated countless enemies. Their pride and courage saved them; Kipling sang their glory. It's precisely at the core of this interior fortress -- pride and courage - that they were hit recently when the genocidal megabombs wiped out their populations, and this has been totally ignored by the rest of the world. The survivors cannot function normally (see "Death of a Nation"). Let's remember: Those who didn't know fear didn't develop an "immune system" to protect their psyche against such a degree of calamity. They can only react by remaining in shock.

Presently many people take the Serbs' side; the Serbs know that they are not totally alone. Now the time has come for the rest of the world to discover the Pashtuns who desperately need support. Hostile tribes, descendants of Ghenghis Khan's invaders, surround the Pashtuns and with the help of Nato, savour "revenge" (a term lovingly used by the Western media to justify the killings of Serbs in Kosovo). One Nato high commander in Afghanistan announced proudly on TV: "They fear us even more than they hate us." The Pashtuns continue to be harassed by those involved "in the search for Osama." It is a perpetual victimisation of those who were never victims before. First the proud Jews became victims of Romans, then the proud Serbs became the victims of modern Romans - Nato - and now is the turn for the proud Pashtuns to become victims of Nato. Yes, they gave refuge to Osama; should a nation be destroyed as punishment!? The world should require an open window on the Pashtuns. Afghanistan should be divided among its ethnies, which have nothing in common with each other. The Uzbek part should join Uzbekistan, the Tajik part, Tajikistan, and the Pashtuns should remain in their Pashtunistan without being submitted to "revenge" from the neighboring tribes and the imperial NWO.

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