By William Markiewicz

The Malaysian Prime Minister is not a Muslim fundamentalist, nor a racist Nazi-style; he's not Aryan. His outburst against the Jews is not of religious or racial character, but an expression of political hatred quite common among enemies. Remember the Balkans? The Muslim world, from fundamentalists to secularist, sees the invasion of Iraq and the Israeli settlements as an expression of the same aggression. The war coalition calls it a fight against terror; still the Catholic Church names it a war of the strong against the weak. The Pope's authority shines and millions of Catholics refuse moral support for the "Drang nach Osten." The close alliance between Goliath/Bush and David/Sharon is an arrogant show of power. Diplomacy has become a dirty word. But the pro-war right wing coalition in the States is not homogenous; the Christian fundamentalists who unconditionally support Likud are accompanied by discrete anti-Semites. The U.S. starts to show signs of exhaustion fighting a volatile enemy backed by the Muslim silent or less silent majority. The Likud's Israel sacrifices peace for settlements. The recipe for peace still remains relatively simple: give freedom to Iraqis, get out of the settlements and the hatred and terror will fade like a bad dream. Nobody in Russia today remembers the anti-German hatred that made them win the war.

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