By William Markiewicz

All the noble ideas expressed in religions, philosophies and revolutions for the most part didn't fulfill their promises. Communism gave birth to Stalin; democracies could tolerate the McCarthy period and could give birth to regimes like those of Bush, Blair, Sharon ... The Germans directly rejected their democracy by electing Hitler. The Nazi wartime empire didn't hold onto power through brutal force alone; its siren voice also attracted many. According to top Nazi Leon Degrelle, Germans in the SS were in the minority.

Time and space are the same for everybody but not everybody takes equal advantage of it. Refugees, like Moorish warriors after the defeat at Poitiers, found their strongholds in the Alps. The Druze wanderers found their strongholds in the Djebels of Lebanon. Many others, with nothing at their disposal but weapons and horses, found a place to build first their security then their power. Why not the Jews and the Gypsies? We don't know. After the defeat of Bar Kochba, the Jews were still in a better situation than, for instance, the Moorish soldiers after their defeat at Poitiers. The Jews lived and flourished all over the Roman Empire; they were well respected and easily admitted as Roman citizens. Still their communities declined, perhaps submerged by the flood of refugees chased into Diaspora. The Gypsies started as wanderers and remained wanderers throughout their known history. The Blacks didn't fulfill all the potential of the post-slavery euphoria; during the 19th Century there was a prosperous Black middle class that disappeared - why? I don't remember the details. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

The West as we know, has developed a dynamic history and civilization. Other cultures, no matter how long lasting, have remained more static, therefore weaker. We all pay for it now. Let's keep in mind that somebody's power is dangerous only in the presence of somebody's weakness. Sixty years after WW2, the West's shining democracy declines. The West's unmatched power has engendered its limitless appetite for riches wherever they are. Neoimperialism constitutes a mortal threat to the world's peace and stability. The neo-Caesars, neo-Napoleons, neo-Hitlers lurk.

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