By William Markiewicz

I attended two conferences about Poland in which the conferenciers emphasized the great difficulties Poland is experiencing. Foreigners buy factories and close them to kill the competition. They buy Polish banks for peanuts. Foreign agriculture and industry overpower Polish products in the Polish market. Foreigners literally buy Polish ground from under the Poles' feet. There's galloping unemployment. To the public's anguished question, "Now, what will happen?" the host answered: "I don't think the European Union will let Poland fail."

Well, we see that Banks frequently save other Banks, airlines save other airlines; at a certain critical stage cooperation overcomes competition.

Politicians try to ignore that the spirit of solidarity arises naturally. They proposed a barter policy to the Muslims: "We give you Serbian lands and in exchange you give us a free hand in the Middle East." The Muslim world, though divided, reacted predictably: "Thanks for your help in the Balkans, but we wont abandon our brothers," and September 11th arrived.

In sum, the NWO offered the Serbs as bait in vain. The Serbs lost their ancestral territories and the consequences of the moral wounds may be even more deadly. No nation can support a fall from such heights to such an abyss. Even defeat under the Turks didn't kill Serbian self-confidence. Goethe learned the Serbo-Croatian language in order to savour Serbian heroic sagas in the original. In their redoubts and their churches they preserved a Romantic faith in courage, sacrifice, and code of honor as the way to final victory. Now all their basic beliefs have fallen into the rubble. This probably happened to the Jews in Antiquity and happens today to the Pashtuns. Those proud victors over Ghengis Khan, are today at the mercy of Uzbeks and Tajiks who, under pretext of fighting the Taliban and Al Quaeda to help their new "American friends", try to dispossess and chase the Pashtuns as far away as possible. People who never bowed their heads, once they do it, their fall has no end. The Pashtuns are still at the tribal stage, hidden in their mountains, so we'll not witness their metamorphosis. But the Serbs, in the heart of Europe, are submitted to general demonisation. What will their children become when it is constantly drummed into them that it's bad to be Serbs, that their history, culture, attitude are all bad simply because Serbian? I see those people constantly on guard. Many hide their origins as the Jews did; the same disgrace creates the same reaction. The Jews see their redemption in Israel -- where will the Serbs see it, defeated and humiliated within and outside their borders?

"The changing winds make the tall fleet advance" -- meaning Croatia may be a potential new ally for Serbia. Sooner or later Croatia may discover that it isn't fun to have a falling neighbour, that the differences are not so big, that with a fading Serbia, Croatia may become quite lonely. Mainly historical differences separated Serbs and Croats. Who other than Croatia might offer a helping hand? Croatia is well equipped, because she keeps a solid friendship with those who crushed the Serbs; Germany, European Union, USA, and may try to convince them that a certain change in attitude will be useful. So, the PR manipulators may change their tune and persuade "public opinion" that the Serbs deserve credit for surviving the Turkish occupation, the Janissaries; that their liturgy, architecture are beautiful, etc. The PR experts could alter the picture from "opinion" to reality. Equilibrium in the Balkans may benefit from reestablishment of the right to exist for an important part of its population.

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