By William Markiewicz

Ukrainian poetess Lesia Ukrainka wrote that those who wish to be liberated by somebody else would fall into slavery. This applies to those who hope to be liberated by Bush. Saddam tried to incorporate Kuwait into Iraq; Bush will successfully incorporate Iraq into Kuwait. In practice this means that some emir will govern Iraq, women will be veiled and higher education denied them, adulteresses will be stoned, thieves will have their hands cut off, and alcohol drinkers will be publicly whipped. Briefly, Iraq will be given to Taliban-like characters controlled by Americans. Oil is the name of the game. Iraq, to serve America's interests, will be pushed back to prehistory. In today's Iraq women have access to higher education and higher social positions and anybody can drink wherever and whatever he wants. Nevertheless Saddam Hussein is a bloody dictator like most of his neighbors, though they show off less than he does.

Why did I title this article "Wiesel"? Because I saw today's Opra show that featured anti-Saddam Iraqis and Elie Wiesel. Wiesel impressed me the most. In the name of noble principles he's a warmonger. He advocated attacking Yugoslavia, now he wants an attack on Iraq. He compares Saddam to Hitler and Iraq to Germany. He has no sense of proportion whatever. He, the Holocaust survivor, posed proudly for photographs beside Mr. Tudjman who denied the Holocaust. Is Mr. Wiesel corrupt? I don't think so; he's just easily used by anybody smarter than he is, meaning almost everybody.

Jurgen Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw ghetto, related that the Jews left boobytraps in places where they had been wiped out. He commented to his interlocutor: "You see how those Jews are? Even after their death they like to take revenge!" In an interview, the serial killer Olson described his exploits: "And this little one she was a bitch and deserved to die; she defended herself and tried to hurt me!" So, if Saddam Hussein before dying succeeds in doing something nasty to Americans, Bush will announce triumphantly: "You see? I told you that he is dangerous and has to die!" And the brainless self-righteous monster called "public opinion" will applaud.

The weak pay for their mistakes, the strong never have to pay. Now Iraq will have to pay till the last drop of its oil. And the democratic holy wars, once started, will continue elsewhere. False prophets like Wiesel and false patriots like those pro-American "democratic" Iraqis will feed public opinion forever.

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