OPEN BOUQUET (September-October)

By William Markiewicz

(As other short items may follow, I've decided to group them together.)

Negotiate With Whom? (10/23)

Yesterday on TV a policeman sent a message to the sniper that all his conditions couldn't be met, 'but call us and let's keep talking.' Yes, those negotiations serve as bait. On the other hand, refusing to talk with the terrorists and bombing remote villages to strike fear into the general population is no alternative to negotiations. You can't kill enough civilians to eliminate the tiny numbers of desperados who become bombs on the loose. Usually an organized group with a real cause is a potential partner for negotiations. Even if negotiating with terror organizations is not the best of solutions, you can't beat the kamikaze at the patience game. Unlimited time is their territory.

On September 11/01, in the article "Fire Ants Attack Elephant", I wrote: "He (Putin) seems to be the first to understand, much ahead of Israel, that the rebels, terrorists or not, have to be taken into account."

Recent Massacre Near Tel Aviv (10/21)

Conclusions: Even a leader stricken with chronic blindness like Sharon must realise that heavy handed tactics in Palestine are not the solution.

Arafat and his staff should resign and accept the exile proposed/imposed by Israel. Then the Israeli Army facing the Palestinian snipers and boys with stones will no longer have a Palestinian "Authority" to blame.

The Israeli public and government must understand and tackle the real cause of the Israeli-Palestinian war: the settler commandos.

Bush may be tempted to blame for the attack .... Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda as one more pretext for war against Iraq and Israel may be drawn into a lamentable new adventure.

PS -- I suspect that the world's passivity regarding what's going on between Israelis and Palestinians is on one hand due to indifference to the war "among Semites" and perhaps somewhere a malicious satisfaction in seeing the Jews and Arabs kill each other. Why, otherwise, was 'public opinion' so eager to take sides in the war in Yugoslavia when it didn't know a damned thing about this part of the world and was manipulated toward wrong conclusions.

Nerves... Nerves... (10/18)

Today CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed a representative from National Geographic, whose name, I'm sorry, I didn't get. Blitzer asked his guest what the consequences of North Korea's nuclear capacity might be. The guest answered, more or less: "I don't know, perhaps positive, perhaps negative..." He didn't think it was too dangerous. The host, obviously irritated with this answer as well as other points of view expressed by the guest (Biological weapons? -- we also have them and we used them ...) insisted: "Aren't Japan, South Korea, and other neighbours nervous?" "Yes, indeed they can be nervous," the guest agreed. The interview ended quickly.

Nerves ... Throughout the ten thousand years of known history humanity has lived nervous and still survives. The problem is that today the planet is governed by an overmuscled giant with little brain, big appetite and very weak nerves. Are all suspicions and preventive hits permitted after September 11th? As Jean Chretien and many other politicians are convinced, terrorism is greatly provoked by Western greed.

North Korea Saves Its Own Skin? (10/17)

U.S. Source: N. Korea Says Has Nukes (excerpts)
By George Gedda, AP Writer
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

WASHINGTON -- North Korea has told the United States it has a secret nuclear weapons program in violation of an agreement signed with the Clinton administration....

North Korea also told U.S. diplomats it no longer beholden to the anti-nuclear agreement, said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity....

Under a 1994 agreement with the United States, North Korea promised to give up its nuclear weapons program, and it promised to allow inspections....

The source said Kelly also raised with North Korea evidence that North Korea may have a uranium-enrichment program. The program, which the United States believes would only be used to develop a nuclear bomb, began under the Clinton administration, according to the official.

Surprisingly, North Korea confirmed the allegation.

The administration has not decided how to respond. "We're going to keep talking," the official said....


North Korea, which has never allowed inspections, now has one more asset in hand to defend its sovereignty. It will not be considered a "part of the axis of evil along with Iraq and Iran," anymore, because for the NWO the evil one has to have oil and be weak. The nukes make North Korea a respected member of the international community. If Iraq (and Iran) were not so weak and so rich, their existence wouldn't be in danger.

Collection of Sold Souls (10/9)

French Radio Canada notes that Madrid and Rome have joined American and English anti-Saddam team. Romania and Jordania had previously announced reluctant support, "for economic reasons", of the American line. In all those countries the population toughly rejects an invasion of Iraq.

"Al-Qaida Suspected in Tanker Explosion"(10/7)
(Guardian Unlimited Network -- Oct.7th)

In my opinion it's highly improbable. Al Qaeda sees mainly three enemies for the Arabs: USA, England, Israel. Why should they mess with France, not in conflict with the Arab world and opposed to the invasion of Baghdad?

"War is unavoidable, Bush tells US"(10/6)
(Guardian Unlimited Network -- Oct.6th)

Iraq remains the victim of its oil and weakness. An attack on Iraq will increase, not decrease, the risk of terror. The way things are going, Bush would have to eliminate the whole Arab world to eliminate the risk of terror and even this wouldn't be a guarantee. There will be no prospect of peace as long as Bush and Sharon of the Apocalypse are in power. They permit themselves everything, luring the world with the specter of Al Quaeda. Remember the "Snark" of Edmond Lear? Each epoch has its "snarks."

Greater Chance Earth Will Hit the Sun than Hussein Attack Unprovoked (9/24)

From the National Post, September 24th:
Iraq May Have Crude Atomic Bomb: Blair

If we liquidate all those who may have something the only ones left alive will be those who surely have something.
If Hussein wished to become a kamikaze, for which is absolutely no evidence, he could choose another way than to destroy his nation.

Brave and Ready (9/22)

Headline in the Sunday Star, September 22nd:
U.S. Ready to Fight Iraq: General

And Lichtenstein. With nukes if necessary.

On the Way to Slaughter (9/17)
Headlines from September 17th:

Iraq Says Yes to Inspectors
White House Dismisses Iraqi Offer
Bush Statement: UN Inspections Irrelevant
White House Says Iraq War Good for the Economy...
Arab Leaders Abandon Saddam

All the NWO wants is oil and blood. Iraq is doomed, others may follow. Those who abandon Saddam today may find themselves in his shoes tomorrow especially if they are rich in oil. Wealth becomes a stone around the neck for those who possess it without ability to defend it.

How They Fight Against Terror (9/8)

Iraqi authorities reported heavy civilian casualties from the Allies' recent massive bombing. Comments from the attackers remained discreet, subdued, unconvincing, just one more collateral damage. In Afghanistan, countless villagers were killed by Allied bombers who interpreted the traditional rifle shots in the air, part of local wedding customs, as -- a terrorist attack against the planes! Nobody tried to check and explain how rifle shots could reach the planes' astronomical altitude. Who will have to pay for their war crimes? The only 'war criminal' at their disposal: Milosevic.

Any Hope for Monarchs? (9/8)

In my aphorisms I wrote:" The monarch butterfly devours space leisurely, ignoring time." Will we find a way to save one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature?

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